Best shoes for wide feet

Best shoes for wide feet
Finding the best shoes for wide feet
When you have wide feet you may think you are in the minority and when you look for stylish shoes you can feel very underwhelmed by the choices available. Read this article to help you find the best shoes for wide feet which provide comfort and style. We can prove you don't need to compromise!
We conducted a survey of nearly 900 women in the UK and found that over 50% felt they need a wider fit shoe. Chances are this is you, and if this is the case, or if you have bunions and find a wider shoe fit offers more comfort, then read on for some useful advice as to the best style of shoe to wear for maximum comfort.
Here we show you how we have created some of our designs with space, width, and comfort in mind, whilst maintaining elegance and style.
The open-sided style is great for wide feet because they offer a more relaxed fit than a fully closed shoe, especially if the shoe is made of suede, which is very soft. This style is a popular choice for bunion sufferers who need width at the point of the bunion.
We make three different styles with open sides; a flat, mid-heel, and a high heel.
Our Leni wide fit shoes are beautiful yet versatile. Great for wearing during the day but also really elegant with a sleek evening trouser suit. The open sides make this shoe cool for the summer but, when worn with tights, they are just as popular for winter wear too. 
best flats for wide feet
 Leni wide fit flats
Our Ava kitten heels are made in this style and this is one of the reasons they are our best selling shoes. The Ava shoe has a sleek yet manageable 6cm heel. The memory foam padded insole gives the ball of the foot important additional comfort which is required when wearing heels.
Ava wide fit mid-heel shoes with open sides
Our Sally heeled sandals are killer heels without being heels that kill! At 7cm they give desired height but their super-soft memory foam padded insoles mean you can wear them comfortably all day long. 
Sally wide fit high heel sandals
Our Caroline shoes have a rounded or almond toe shape, which offers a little more width at the front than a shoe that tapers to a point (pointed toe shoes). 
Caroline wide almond toe courts
Our Grace styles are hugely popular because they have a squarer toe, which also offers more space in the toe box.
wide fit leopard print pumps
Wide fit leopard print pumps
Many women like to wear pointed-toe shoes, which are very fashionable and stylish, so we have made our pointed toe shoes in a very comfortable EEE wide fit to compensate for the fact that they taper to a point which can make them feel tight. The extra width in the toe box for all of our pointed toe shoes means feet have plenty of space without being squashed. 
Camilla wide fitting court shoes
Our flat pointed toe options are our lovely extra wide fitting, Harris, Sorcha and Sam shoes, which are all made in an extra-wide EEE fitting. They also have memory foam padded insoles and breathable arch supports which make them extremely comfortable.
Completely flat shoes can be bad for your feet and can cause collapsed arches but our shoes have a 1cm heel that offers good support for your heels. 
Wide fit flats
Harris wide fit ballet flats 
People with bunions know that it is important to choose shoes that have a wider toe box to accommodate the width of the bunion (or bunionette), as well as an upper that is designed so that the top part of the shoe doesn't cut across the bunion, rubbing it and making it painful. Our Helena and Kate heels and our Sorcha flats have a higher cut vamp (upper part of the shoe) which completely covers the bunion and the leather is really soft and flexible, offering unparalleled comfort for day-long wear. 
 best shoes for wide feet
Kate wide fit block heel courts
Our Sam suede loafers have an extra wide fitting suede toe box which offers ample space for feet with bunions. They are as comfortable as wearing slippers!
best flats for wide feet
Sam wide fitting leather and suede loafers

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